Updating the Software of Roku Streaming Device

Roku has designed all its devices in a way that they always run on the latest version of the software.  Even when the update is required the Roku device starts giving notifications related to this. Even when we start the Roku device for the very first time, at that time also it checks for any updates and automatically updates the software. Roku randomly checks for the updates from every 2 to 36 hours. For more information related to Roku player software, you can take Roku activation support.

While updating the software, Roku doesn’t disturb or interrupts any of your application or process. All the downloading and installation is done automatically without any intrusion.

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If you want to check manually

If the users want to check all the updates related to the Roku streaming player, then the users will have to check it manually and following updates can be checked:

  • A user can check whether the Roku streaming player has been disconnected for the longer period of time.
  • Any channel installed by you recently from the Roku channel store by going on channestore.roku.com.
  • Any non-certified channel that has been installed recently.
  • You can get more information by contacting Roku setup support.

Manually checking the updates

If users want to check the updates on Roku streaming player manually, then they will have to follow the following prompts:

  • First of all, open the main screen on your device by pressing the remote of your remote.
  • After that scroll up or down and choose the option of settings.
  • Then choose the option of the system.
  • After this choose the option of system update of Roku player. The system update screen will show you the latest running, its build version along with the date and time of the present update.
  • After this select the option of check now for manually checking the updates in Roku device.
  • If you find any issue, then you can take Roku.com/link code.

If there will be any software update or any software updates for your Roku channels, then your Roku device will download it automatically and then after completing the downloading the device will reboot and after that, you can enjoy with Roku.


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