Ways to Resolve Issues Related to Roku App Wi-Fi Connection

A good internet connection is of foremost importance for enjoying uninterrupted stream videos. Roku players are basically known for connecting to your home device through a wireless connection. The broadcast services provided by internet service providers mostly receive their signal from a router.


It is possible that you may experience issues related to the internet connection on a regular basis. This problem can also occur even if you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Such problems can occur even when you have Entered the Roku Activation Code correctly and your network strength seems to be strong enough. This problem stops all your apps from connecting to the streaming service.

Around 90% of the Roku issues that take place while you are trying to load something and interruption while streaming can be fixed by following the follow given simple steps:-


  • Check your wireless router- Make sure that it is working properly and plugged in correctly.
  • Go to setting and choose “Network”.
  • You will be directed to a page that has all your connection information on it.
  • The status displayed would indicate whethe3r your device is connected or not. In no connection is available then it would display “Not Connected”.
  • If it displays excellent then you check the signal strength.

Step 2:-

  • Go back to the “Setting Page”.
  • Scroll down all the options and click on “Systems”.
  • On the “System” page click on “Restart”.
  • Restarting the device would remove all the bugs or glitches from it.

In case you have followed all the below mentioned steps and also have attempted other options like resetting Roku, restarting the Wi-Fi router, altering the DNS server, Activation code for Roku and using 802.11 g in place of 802.11 n, but none of these methods have worked then you can try the following methods:-

Change the wireless encryption to obtain the support of a stronger encryption. In case your encryption is WPA2-PSK with AES then AES is definitely far better encryption and usually support 802.11 n which has a very high speed.

If you are using Roku stream stick, then you would be able to connect to Wi-Fi, but the apps of the device will not be able to recognize a connection. Even if you use AES/TKIP support you would face trouble. Instead, the better option would be using only TKIP by disabling the AES. This encryption is comparatively much weaker and limits the Wi-Fi speed to 802.11g at 54Mbps, but it will allow your apps to get connected to the streaming service through Rolu.com/link code.

Each Wi-Fi router has to be configured differently and is required to get the IP address of your router along with login credentials that directly affect the changes.


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